Vocal Reels

We offer a variety of Vocal Reel packages. From our most affordable ‘Standard’ package to our ‘Platinum’ package. JWP offers a vocal reel with a difference as we film your session and create an entirely different type of product which you can then use to promote yourself and get the job! Perfect for Musical Theatre performers who want to show off their acting through song.

Standard Vocal Reel Package includes

  • 1.5 hr Session
  • 4 one minute cuts of your songs
  • Edited together into a professional video vocal reel, agent ready.
  • You will receive a video copy of your reel.

Price: £80

Premium Vocal Reel Package includes:

  • 2.5 hr Session
  • 4 Full Song Recordings
  • We will direct you and help you with your final reel choices.
  • You also receive copies of each song fully mixed as well as an edited voice reel.
  • This session is filmed live.

Price: £140

Platinum Vocal Reel Package includes:

  • 3.5 Hour Session
  • This session is completely free to do with exactly as you choose. You will have access to a studio technician. You can then construct the vocal reel exactly as you choose.

Price: £195