About Us

Jake Waby Productions was formed back in 2008 producing videos and online content for the ABC Radio Networks (Now Citadel Media) show ‘Fame Games.’  The aim was to produce online content that would help promote the independent musicians appearing on the show as well as giving listeners a ‘Fly-On-The-Wall’ type view of how the show was made and the wacky characters behind the scenes in the south of Spain.

The company then expanded into Video Production and various other digital services for artists and local businesses. In 2012, JWP moved to London and has since produced videos for companies and individuals in New York, London, Spain and others. JWP is continually expanding and is currently working on a number of short films to follow up their premiere film ‘Living The Dream.’ We are all extremely excited about the future. For a full list of services please visit our services page and to find out more about our films click HERE.

Our Team

Jake Waby 

Producer / Director

Lexy Badger-Ward

Production Associate

Dahlia Helsby

Social Content Editor

Our Process


The first step is to dream, imagine, no matter how crazy. A clear vision of the end goal is paramount in a successful endeavor. We work with you,  the client, to ascertain exactly what you want.


These are the logistics. Benjamin Franklin said that ‘By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.’ At this stage we ascertain the timescale of your project and always meet your deadlines. We plan out all the necessary productions and post-production down to a tee.


This is the fun part. We make our idea come to life. Simple… Or not.


We take great care over the post-production of your project. We know this is where everything really comes together. Perfection is key here. We will not stop until you are completely satisfied with your product. Let's make magic!