Jake has been working as professional video producer for over 10 years with a special interest in music and theatre. Jake prides himself on the ability to deliver and tell a story exactly the way the client wants to tell it. He formed JW Productions was formed back in 2008 producing videos and online content for the ABC Radio Networks (Now Citadel Media) show ‘Fame Games.’ The aim was to produce online content that would help promote the independent musicians appearing on the show as well as giving listeners a ‘Fly-On-The-Wall’ type view of how the show was made and the wacky characters behind the scenes in the south of Spain. Ironically, Jake was also a teenage presenter on the show.

We expanded into larger client work upon relocating to London in 2012 – and have since produced videos for companies and individuals in New York, London, Spain, and more. Our team is second to none and is sure to make every step of your project a success.

Our Team

Tania Pais

Production Associate / Junior Edito

Jake Waby

Producer / Director

Dahlia Helsby

Social Media / Production Admin